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Sam Robbins (He/Him) (editor in chief) A 10th grader at Hampshire Regional, Sam enjoys creative writing, music, and performing arts. You might see him wandering aimlessly around the streets of Williamsburg Mass or lost in the Hampshire County forest.  

Zorah Miller (She/Her) (digital issue editor)


Rachel Friedman (she/her) (poetry editor) is a senior at the Academy at Charlemont. She’s often found listening to music, planning way too much of her future out, and writing—a lot. She's so excited to be editing for 2-West again!

Chanina Kosovske (poetry, prose editor) is a senior at the Academy at Charlemont. He likes to make bad puns and write poetry. 

Isadore Schiff (visual art editor) is a senior at the Academy at Charlemont. He enjoys playing music and making jokes no one understands (pun intended). This is his first year with 2-West.

Jonathan Schmidt (he/him) (poetry, prose, visual art, and digital media editor) is a senior at the Academy At Charlemont. He can be found meandering through a variety of surrealist literature, on a basketball court somewhere in Amherst, on a hike somewhere, or (on the second tuesday of an odd-numbered month) writing. This is his first year editing 2-West and second (non-continuous) year submitting.

Note: We want to thank Claire Grunberg, an alum of the Academy at Charlemont, for her co-founding of and devotion to 2-West! We would also like to thank Juliet Corwin and Rachel Friedman, for their superb leadership of 2-West for the past several years!

If you are a Western-Massachusetts high schooler and would like to sign up to be an editor of 2-West, please fill out this form.

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